Ten Commandments for Cleaning New Masonry Construction

1. Thou shall NOT use abrasives or muriatic acid.

2. Thou shall use a cleaner from an established company that backs its products with literature, customer service and job site assistance.

3. Thou shall NOT clean until the mortar has cured, about 7 days.

4. Thou shall religiously follow all safety precautions in the product literature.

5. Thou shall test or use “mock ups” prior to cleaning.

6. Thou shall thoroughly pre-wet the surface prior to cleaning.

7. Thou shall apply cleaners with low-pressure or masonry brush.

8. Thou shall thoroughly rinse the substrate after cleaning.

9. Thou shall take special precautions when cleaning in both hot and cold weather. Best to clean when it is at least 40 degrees – 85 degrees.

10. Thou shall NEVER “Go it alone”.

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