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Why Retaining Wall Block and Landscape Block?

Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks and Landscape Blocks are individual block made of concrete. They are dry stacked without the need for mortar. This is a top product for landscapers and homeowners. One person can do the complete job with no machinery needed. High quality materials and proper installation makes the block structurally sound to weather, erosion and pests.

Wall layouts can be straight and/or curved. Plus free standing walls are available to those that would like to showcase both sides of your wall. Segmental Retaining Wall – use for retaining the earth or for creating a flat outdoor living area where no current area exists.

Landscape Wall - use for creating planter beds, decorating around trees, building a fire pit, accentuating your curb appeal and booting your outdoor living space. Free Standing Wall – used to divide your outdoor living space. Create areas or special “rooms” for our outdoor space.

Many colors and sizes available. Blocks are very attractive and accentuate your curb appeal and boost your outdoor living space.

We are proud to be a distributor of the following landscape manufacturers. Please click on the logo to follow the link.

R.I. Lampus | Hanover | Nitterhouse | Nicolock | Peerless Block

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